Just to prove that this blog is not dead… Last month I updated wview to version 4.0.1 (including an update to radlib) with very little pain. I also put a simple backup script into the crontab (which writes to a second disk I have attached to the slug; ideally it should be rsyncing offsite but…). I then went on holiday and had the pleasure of viewing my wview site on an iPod Touch in the New York Apple Store (I was also able to login to the slug from an entirely different location abroad to restart lighttpd which had, for reasons unlogged, decided to fall over).

Linksys have officially discontinued the NSLU2. Amazon et alia still have them in stock so I bought a second one. Really, for just in case ‘cold’ standby (it’s still in its box) but actually when time is permitting I will probably deploy it as a home file server or similar.


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