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Clock change corruption

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

The clocks moved forward an hour at 0100 this morning (British Summertime, though you’d not know it from the temperature). Unfortunately, this appears (in summary after various tests etc) to have resulted in a corrupt entry being written into the wview .wlk archive file for March 2009, which in turn meant wview was not generating the graphs and stats every 15mins. The quickest solution seemed to be to delete sensorstore.bin and 2009-03.wlk (in fact I renamed the latter in case I needed to restore). I thought I would lose a couple of days from March since the VP2 console is only meant to store 26 days worth of archive when set to archive at 15 minute intervals. Luckily, when I restarted wview all my March data was restored and the missing hour, due to the clock change, is represented, as expected, by a break in today’s graphs. It took me longer than an hour to work out what my options for fixing it was though…

(PS until today wview had been running for 24 days without a restart — especially good since previously I was restarting every day due to a break in (USB) communications between wview and the VP2 console).