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Slug update

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Clearly I’m not a blogger at heart. I actually installed Debian on my NSLU2 on 30 March (using the cookbook at Connected to a 500gb MyBook everything worked fine. I installed wview and configured it to use the in-built simulator (for testing). That worked fine too (with Apache serving up the results). Well, it worked ok for four days and then I started to get broken pipe errors from one of the radlib message queues. No matter, the concept had been proven.

Then both the Davis data logger and the wireless envoy arrived. Thus I spent yesterday updating Debian (especially openssl); replacing apache with lighttpd; and reinstalling wview to work with the Vantage Pro weather station rather than a simulator.  In the first instance I’ve connected the VP2 console to the Slug. This also seemed to work as it should and I even managed to set the archive interval rate on the console via the slug command line.

So the basic setup is complete ( Next steps are to:

  • Retrieve historical graph data from the VP2 (seemingly easiest to do with the WeatherLink software, so must find working Windows system…);
  • Connect wireless envoy and put the console back where it should be.
  • Start customising the wview html templates.

I have a feeling I will have problems with historical data and archive intervals…